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🇺🇾 Fotmer Life Sciences. Established in Uruguay and strong relationships across North America, the European Union and Middle East, Fotmer is well positioned to dominate the global cannabis cultivation market through its low-cost production capacity and international transportation infrastructure. Visit Website.

THC and CBD percentages stated by producers are allowed a legal variance of 3% in either direction, a "T20:C4" product could infact be between 17-23% THC and 1-7% CBD.

Brand Product Strain Info Type THC CBD Stock Level Pricing Lowest
Fotmer T3h T22:C0
Gamma Irradiated Whole Bud
Uruguay Purple Dog Bud
Parents: Chemdawg 91 x Purple Urkle
Hybrid 22.8% <1% Launching Soon
  • 10g: £85
  • 30g: £255

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